Blackcat Informatics® Inc.

Blackcat Informatics® Inc.


Blackcat Informatics® Inc. provides high end IT and management consulting services to the Vancouver startup and high-tech community. We have well over 25 years of solid startup experience in executive management as well as domain expertise covering high performance and cloud computing, military-grade security, carrier-grade networking, bioinformatics, machine learning, satellite imaging, geomatics, cryptology and a variety of other boutique fields.

The hallmarks of our work include minimal footprints, leveraging open source solutions, and exploiting problem isomorphisms.


  • Fractional CTO: high level management and guidance, executive oversight and execution.
  • Development Alignment: helping to bring development shops in closer alignment with the rest of the company (et vice versa), agile process tuning and development HR help.
  • Solution Architecture: finding elegant solutions to complex technical problems, applying sparse resources efficiently and future-proofing technology strategies.
  • Cloud Navigation: large scale deploys, from clusters and grids to lambdas and micro services, devops automation and helping you navigate the rapidly evolving cloud.
  • Startup Process and Execution: managing a path through the wilds of the startup and early-stage funding world with less pain and more success.
  • Programming: Golang and over 15 other languages spoken, AI and machine learning, Jupyter notebooks, spatial data analysis and bespoke esoterica. True full-stack, snout-to-tail, development.
  • Corporate Engineering: finding optimal corporate and team structures to streamline and focus.

Corporate Responsibility

We’re committed to having a significant, positive impact in both our local and global communities. We seek the opportunity to work with organizations that measure success not only in dollars and cents but in the contributions they make to the well-being of their staff and the communities they operate in.


Patrick Audley

Founder. Hacker. Technologist. Analyst.

… a seasoned technologist who has more than twenty years of international startup experience and a broad palette of scientific, business and computing skills. He has been instrumental to numerous tech launches, acquisitions, pivots, and exits from a string of successful startups that spans telephony, high-performance computing, crowdsourcing, bioinformatics and security.

Patrick is an active member of the local Vancouver startup and development communities and enjoys fostering new talent as well as building and shepherding companies through adventurous times. Dangle a good problem in front of him, tempt him with a cup of coffee and he’ll yak your ear off on just about any topic.

Erin Audley, CPB

Operator. Strategist. Advocate. Steward.

… is our CFO️ and is responsible for corporate finance, reporting, tax, and our operation and financial strategies, including the assessment of growth opportunities. She uses her 15+ years of accounting experience from working in industry, and at accounting firms, to manage a cadre of bookkeepers under the banner of Odds & Evens®️ Bookkeeping.

Erin is proud to be a member of The Institute of Professional Bookkeepers of Canada. When not focusing on numbers, she's seeking out creative and intellectual pursuits such as storytelling, anthropology, astronomy, and music.


Email us at or give us a call at +1 (604) 245-3130.

Mail can be sent to us at:

Blackcat Informatics® Inc.
902-1325 Rolston St.
Vancouver, BC, Canada
V6B 0M2

Encrypted communications can be sent to with the following GPG key.

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